Sunday, April 03, 2005

From the Desk of Shucks Olajowan

On Eli Lilly's site for Strattera,, there's a form you can fill out and they'll send you more info. I filled out the form around the time I started this blog as 'Shucks Olajowan', and only this weekend did I get the information (I really hope they're a bit quicker with the info on anti-depressants). They must be swamped, or else they were busy revising the material to add the warnings about liver damage.

Anyhow, the material is similar to what they have on the website. There's a one page letter starting with a warm 'Dear Shucks Olajowan' (aw, shucks). There's a photo of a serious looking middle aged woman model probably meant to be a medical professional, or else just a caring relative or co-worker, above the phrase 'Every journey begins with a single step'. The implication is, get on Strattera now, before the journey of your life turns into one of those meandering, dotted-lines tracing Billy's trip to the store to get smokes for Dad that Bil Keane does for the 'Family Circle' comics.

There's also a 3-color cardboard version of the 'Adult Self-Report Scale'-VI.I (ASRS-VI.I) Screener'. It's just like the website, only you can use pencil or pen instead of your mouse.

Finally, there's a black and white page of 'INFORMATION FOR PATIENTS OR THEIR PARENTS OR CAREGIVERS'. The font on this page is small, and the writing is blurry, but we've all heard 'constipation, dry mouth, nausea, decreased appetite, dizziness, problems sleeping, sexual side effects, problems urinating, menstrual cramps' before anyway.

Thanks Eli Lilly, Shucks is glad to know you're there.

By the way, I recall when a company I worked for launched a new website, let's call it '', the marketing people had the foresight to register domains like '', and '', as a pre-emptive strike against people who would use such domains against them.

Apparently Lilly marketing didn't consider the possibility, b/c if you go to, guess what, it's a site slamming pharmaceutical marketing shams. The writing is kind of weak. On the continuum of medical writing ranging from How to Good-Bye Depression: If You Constrict Anus 100 Times Everyday. Malarkey? or Effective Way? to the Journal of The American Medical Association, it's probably further from the JAMA than we like to see, but their hearts appear to be in the right place, and I really appreciated the links and images from drug ads. The links include the eerie Methylin for Kids site. OMFG, the kid on the landing page for the site has to be about three years old.

At first the Methylin for Kids site looked like some kind of Onion-inspired joke, but after digging around some more, it appears to be for real. Unless Walgreens and others were conned into believing some practical joke about a Methylin recall because some lots of the chewable tablets contained up to three times the active ingredient, that is.

The one thing I still find curious is that Alliant Pharmaceuticals' websites were designed by Artic (sic) Designs, Inc, a company whose other web design clients include numerous churches and some company that sells pit bulls, and a Brownie Troop. Not that there's anything wrong with that. I suppose since Alliant is not a deep pocket big pharma, they couldn't rent a stable of $300/hour EDS folks.


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